A Glass Heritage for The Glass Yard

The Glass Yard and The Batch House are an enduring testimony to the site’s historical significance, and a gesture to the significant part that Chesterfield played in the British glass industry.

Dema Glass stood directly opposite the Glass Yard site. Dema, in its heyday, employed over 3,000 people and was the country’s largest manufacturer of domestic glassware.

Along the road was the GTC factory site. GTC was at one point the country’s largest manufacturer of vitreous lamp caps and glass tubes.
The site and its connection with glass goes further back.

A Batch House is the area within a glass foundry where all the raw materials are gathered together, in preparation for the production of something very special.

In 1710 Richard Dixon, born in Stourbridge, famous as the town where crystal glass was first produced, was inspired to build a glasshouse in Whittington. Here he made some of the earliest beautiful cut crystal glass. This was highly desirable and made for the Dukes of Devonshire and the Master Cutlers of Sheffield, amongst others.

Although the town’s glass manufacturing has now sadly died out, we think this special connection with the town should be remembered.

Chesterfield cut crystal design from c1700’s.

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